Sewa Kantor di Jakarta Selatan

Menyediakan layanan sewa meeting room atau virtual office di Jakarta Selatan. Kami akan senantiasa memberikan pelayanan yang baik untuk keberlangsungan kegiatan operasional bisnis Anda.

Rent Meeting Rooms at Uno Service Office

The size of the meeting room provided by a company usually varies according to the size of the office in a company. However, not a few companies also have meeting rooms, but choose to rent Jakarta meeting rooms. This is certainly because some things like the space used for other purposes, or it could be because the size of the meeting room in the office is not large enough to accommodate the meeting or meeting participants. There are a number of considerations that we must do including:

Meeting Room at UNO Serviced Office

  1. Price / budget considerations

The first thing we need to pay attention to and also be of special concern is the issue of price / budget considerations. If we are going to rent a Jakarta meeting room, we should know the funds that are allocated entirely by the financial staff. So, when we already know how much the budget is given by the company. You want a meeting room with convenient facilities, we provide meeting room rental with an affordable budget with only Rp. 200,000 / hour You can discuss with more focus.

  1. Location

The next thing that is of particular concern in the Jakarta meeting room rental is the location of the meeting room that we will rent. paying attention to a good and strategic location is also one of the important factors in choosing a meeting room. That is because, we certainly do not want to make it difficult for our colleagues or clients to attend meetings that travel a considerable distance. We have 2 of the best locations in South Jakarta which are located at Graha Mampang and South Quarter (TB. Simatupang).

  1. Participants

The next thing that should be our concern in considering which Jakarta meeting room we will take is the participants themselves. We also have to pay attention to who the participants will take part in the meeting, and we also have to know how many participants will attend the meeting held by our company.

  1. Spatial planning

The next thing we need to pay attention to is spatial planning. Indeed, this is not a very important factor in choosing and also selecting Jakarta meeting room rentals that are good and suitable for meeting needs for your company. However, with good and good spatial planning will make the impression or feel better meeting. We come with all the best facilities and room arrangements to support your needs.

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